• Happy Thanksgiving!

    IMG_4809From all of us here at Anytime Fitness, we want to wish all of our customers and their families a very Happy Thanksgiving! It’s a special time where we also look forward to celebrating with our family and extended family.


    We also reflect on the gratitude we have for those who trust us with their fitness goals and workout regimens. It’s a blessing to have so many great customers who we have watched meet their goals and set new ones as major success stories.

    Plating for the Eating Holiday

    During this time of year, it is important to enjoy Thanksgiving and not stress out over what is commonly known as the “eating holiday.” Let yourself enjoy the food and company rather than feeling guilty or stopping yourself from even touching the mashed potatoes or other goodies on the table.Beautiful woman drinking water after playing sports

    It’s about being sensible and portion control rather than depriving yourself. I’ve talked to many clients about their plan for the holidays, which also helps to stay on track and be realistic about what you should do during Thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays.

    No Holidays from Personal Training

    In-between the football, fun, and maybe even shopping excursions on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, don’t forget to still get your personal training workouts in as well as any homework we’ve assigned.Open 24 Hours We’re open 24 hours so there is no excuse not to carve out some personal time to work on your fitness goals.

    If anything, you may have more time off from work, which makes this upcoming four-day weekend the best time to workout even more to help prepare your body for the other holidays that are just around the corner and that are also full of temptation.

    By keeping up with your personal training sessions during and after Thanksgiving, you definitely won’t feel guilty when you reach for the pumpkin pie and extra glass of wine.

    See You at the Gym!

    We’ll be there along with our team of personal trainers over the four-day weekend continuing to work out with our clients. We hope to see you there! And, if you are considering signing up for personal training, then this is the time. We still offer the one-hour free introductory session and have other deals that make personal training fit your budget.

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