• Happy Mother’s Day

    PaytonThe staff at Anytime Fitness of Roswell and Georgia Personal Training Center would like to wish Mother’s everywhere a very Happy Mother’s Day! Today is a day that we should all take time to celebrate the important role that Mother’s play in our lives and the world we live in. Thank you Moms for all you do. You are the glue that holds everything together. You do so many things that you often never get credit for. Most of the time you think that we don’t notice, but, in truth we do. Those things make such a huge difference for your husbands, your children and to the lives of those around you. Your leadership, guidance, immense patience and loving spirit are so critically important.

    Mom’s not only play important roles within our families, they also serve in our nations military, they hold political office and they run fortune 500 companies. In so many cases, it’s very easy to see that they are the very fabric that holds so many things together. To those Moms serving in the United States military. We salute you and thank you for your service. May God protect you while you are in harms way and deliver you safely back to your families at the end of your tour of duty. Our nation is stronger and safer because of you. To those working in the political arena, this country is ready for it’s first female president. I know a number of Moms who would do a great job in that capacity. For those running large companies, we would tell you that you not only impact the lives of your family, but, the lives of all the employees who work for your firms. Treat your employees with the same respect and love you give your own family and they will follow you and serve faithfully for as long as you choose to lead.

    Thank you Mom! You are loved!

    Anytime Fitness & Georgia Personal Training Staff

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