Offer Available To New Prospective Clients

IMG_4809Matthew W. Lein, Inc dba Georgia Personal Training has a GROUPON account. We set up a special coupon offer that we think you are going to love. If you have been thinking about trying personal training, now is your chance.

Here is what you need to do to utilize the coupon. Download the GROUPON app on your smartphone, look up the special offer, then save it to your device. You can also print out the offer if that is easier for you. Give us a call at (770) 927-7006 and schedule an appointment to meet with us. Bring the offer in with you when you come in for your consultation. The coupon will be redeemed at that time your first training session begins.

The coupon will allow you to try two personal training sessions for only $25. That’s right 2 workouts with Roswell’s best fitness experts for only $25! The amount paid for this voucher will be ($25.00) with Georgia Personal Training. The promotional value of the offer expires July 1, 2016.

Click Here To View GROUPON Offer


Value of the Groupon Voucher

This voucher has two separate values: (a) the amount paid; and (b) the promotional value. The amount paid will never expire and may be applied toward any goods or services offered by the merchant if the original goods or services specified on the voucher are no longer available. The promotional value is the additional value beyond the amount paid, and it will expire on the expiration date above (unless prohibited by law).


Redeemable only at Georgia Personal Training for the goods or services listed above. Not redeemable for cash (unless required by law). Doesn’t cover tax or gratuity. Promotional value can’t be combined with other offers. Not reloadable. Unauthorized reproduction, resale, modification, or trade prohibited. Matthew W. Lein, Inc dba Georgia Personal Training is the issuer of this voucher, provides all goods and services for which it may be redeemed, and is solely responsible for any damages or injuries resulting from the use or consumption of such goods or services. Purchase, use, or acceptance of this voucher constitutes acceptance of these terms. This voucher is transferable. For more information, visit


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