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    Our training staff works with all kinds of people. We have business people coming in that have really hectic work schedules and need a personal trainer to help them make the most of the available work out time they can carve out. We have seniors who want to keep their fitness levels up because the value the additional flexibility and mobility that working out provides to them. We have women who come in months after giving birth and want to regain their fitness levels, while trimming and toning their bodies back to their pre-baby look. We have lots of young people who come in to work on improving their speed, strength and agility with the knowledge that the increased work and dedication will provide them with enhanced athletic performance in their sport of choice.

    photo (88)Regardless of the why, the results are real. When you see the improvements our clients are making, those results tend to speak for themselves. Check out some of the really nice customer testimonials & success stories that our clients have written for us. As we stated before, we train people from all walks of life. The one commonality among all of the folks you see that have written about their success stories is their individual determination to improve their health and improve their fitness levels. These folks understand that in order to more thoroughly enjoy all of the great opportunities and activities that life provides, we need to be healthy and mobile to do so.

    We talk all the time about mobility with our senior clients. When we first meet a perspective new senior client, the first thing that almost always comes up is they want to regain their balance, strength and mobility. During the first workout with them, we often focus on exercises that require the training client to get down on the ground to perform the task. It’s amazing how many times the person being trained struggles to get down to the ground. As a child we get up, we lay down on the ground, we don’t fear falling or not being able to do these simple tasks. When we hit our 50’s and 60’s, we begin to fear these types of things. Why, because we never work on getting up or laying down on the ground. We have been sitting in chairs at work for hours on end, working on computers or at our desks and we just haven’t needed to sit down on the ground. Have you forgotten how to sit down on the ground, starting from a standing position? If you are a middle age person, take a second and try it. Tell me if your brain immediately re-engages and allows you to quickly and easily sit down like you did as a child.

    IMG_0458Your movement skills can and will be enhanced by the workouts you do with your Georgia Personal Training Center fitness instructor. This instructor is there for you. The workouts they put you through are specifically designed to help you and to enhance the areas that you need the most work in. I promise you this, as we age mobility becomes a bigger and bigger deal. As long as we can maintain our mobility, we have freedom. Ask any senior you know that can no longer walk about what they miss most. They will almost always mention the freedom to come and go and do as they please. Fitness training can enhance your balance, your mobility and strengthen the areas of your body that you need in order to maintain your full range of movement.

    Given the fact that we offer 1 free training session to all new prospective training clients, why not come in and try it out. Once you see how fun and energizing that working with a personal trainer is, you will most likely want to do more. Lets get started working together. We have great fitness trainers and they are solid track records of delivering results for those they serve.


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