• Get in Shape for Summer Fun!

    Boxing GirlHeat Wave Temperatures on ThermometerIt’s never too late to get in shape for the summer! While summer is just weeks away, this is the perfect time to get started with personal training because anything you start doing now will already make a difference.

    You can do many things to get ready for summer:

    • Try our complimentary one–hour personal training session and then sign up for the number of personal training sessions that fits your schedule and budget.
    • Take advantage of great classes like Zumba, yoga, and boot camp to make getting in shape a social and fun experience.
    • Consult with our personal trainers on the right exercise plan for your fitness and weight loss goals so they can customize a strategy that gets you results.
    • Think about your nutrition and how that can help you get in shape quickly. We do offer some nutrition advice as part of our personal training programs as well, but we also suggest consulting with your physician or a certified nutritionist on the best nutrition program for your needs and goals.iStock_000013732715_Large
    • Get moving in your life because any movement helps, including using breaks at work to run the stairs, take a walk, or do some quick moves at your cubicle. Find a way to incorporate movement elsewhere, including walking your dog, doing a bike ride with the kids, and parking far away in that shopping center lot so you get that many more steps in.
    • Don’t get discouraged by the scale and let it slow you down. Everything you do makes a significant difference in the long run toward making fitness and health a lifestyle, which is ultimately what you want to achieve.
    • Even when you are on vacation this summer, be sure to find ways to keep exercising and stay on target if away from the gym or personal training for a week or more. That includes looking for ways to walk or jog as well as booking any hotels that may have their own gym or swimming pool so you make exercise part of that summer fun!

    Contact us now to get started on your summer body!

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