• Get Ready for Baseball Season with Baseball-Specific Personal Training

    High school baseball pitcherSpring training and the baseball season are just around the corner, so this is the time to start training to ensure you are at peak performance when it comes to your agility, speed, and strength. Whether you play baseball for high school or college, you want to make improvements to your base running, fielding, and hitting to become that world-class athlete you know you can be.

    To do this requires more than going out there and playing baseball or throwing a ball around.iStock_000001314157_ExtraSmall

    You now need to train in a gym to build up your muscular ability to deliver additional strength and agility. That’s why we offer many types of sports-specific personal training at our Roswell gym. With an owner who previously played baseball in different divisions, you can have access to a personal trainer who understands baseball from all aspects.

    Having this specialized knowledge and experience related to baseball means that you can receive a customized personal training program that focuses on the types of exercises and equipment that can help you improve your speed, strength, and agility related to throwing, running, and catching.

    Beyond just tailoring the personal training to baseball skills, we also look at each individual we train to assess their level, strengths and weaknesses, and needs to further customize their workout plan. This means that a baseball-specific personal training program might include anything from parachute sprints and sled pulls to Olympic lifting, kettlebell training, and tire flips to traditional weight lifting with fast twitch elements.iStock_000013127457_ExtraSmall

    We also include other aspects of a training program that are important to athletic development, including nutrition and supplements as well as dietary regimen and structure to ensure strong mental and physical performance on the field.Outfielder

    Be sure to check out the personal stories of other baseball athletes who have used our baseball-specific personal training program to find out how it helped them tackle the sport with enthusiasm and dedication on all levels. We are happy to provide an introductory personal training meeting to discuss your personal needs and goals for baseball.

    We take clients as young as 10 to help them improve their baseball skills and gain a new appreciation for what they can achieve on the baseball diamond. Contact us now to find out more about our baseball-specific personal training and get started!

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