• Get the Body You Want with Personal Training Sessions

    iStock_000013732715_LargeEveryone has different needs but all end up with the same overall goal: get the body they want to have. For some that is losing body fat and inches while others want to strengthen and tone. Many also want to feel strong, energetic, and just healthy.

    That’s where personal training can really make a difference. It can accomplish all those goals for those who commit to working with a personal trainer. The benefits of a personal trainer are that they understand what it takes in terms of exercise and diet to achieve these goals. Anyone can go to the gym and use the equipment but they may not know the best exercises, weight, and repetitions to do that will work for them.IMG_0458

    Our personal training program starts with a consultative appointment where we learn more about you, your life, and your goals to understand what got you where you are now and what needs to change to get you to where you want to be. We take measurements as well so that we can use these as a benchmark for gauging improvements.

    From there, we plan a regimen of workouts to do with the trainer and on homework days that will focus on building core strength, flexibility, balance and stamina. Depending on weight loss and body fat loss goals, we make changes that address those areas. If you are more interested in toning up and building muscle rather than losing body weight, we can also accommodate those programs.Fitness Training, Roswell Georgia

    Additionally, we can get you the sports-specific body that you want as well because we also offer personal training programs for various sports for high school and college athletes. These include personal training for sports like lacrosse, basketball, baseball, football and more.

    Right now, we have a Groupon deal for two personal training sessions for $25 as well as three for $99. These are for new clients. Our other deal is also for new clients and includes unlimited classes through the end of January for signing up for a six-month or 12-month personal training program.

    Fitness TrainerThere are many different ways we can help you achieve your goals this year and stick with your New Year’s resolutions. Contact us today to get started on changing your body right now!

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