Football Speed TrainingThe Faster You Are, The Higher Level You Can Achieve

Don’t let anyone ever convince you that you don’t need to be fast to achieve the highest levels of the game. Take a look at what is happening with football teams at the division one collegiate level and you will quickly see that athletes that play at that level are simply faster today than the athletes who played at that level 20 years ago. The truth is, players are getting bigger, stronger and faster with each new football generation.

We train players of all ages. Our goal is to help them become better athletes, and ultimately better football players. Training an athlete to become faster involves some highly specialized exercises and equipment. We have the tools here at Georgia Personal Training center to help football players of any age to increase their speed, agility and strength. Improving speed involves core body training, lower body strength training, all done with a focus on enhancing quick twitch muscle groups.

An improvement in your speed could easily be the difference in you being a starter on your team, versus a player who provides depth at a position. The older you get, the more that really does become a reality of the game. Youth leagues generally don’t have big depth charts. High Schools and Colleges most certainly do. We have a real first things first approach here at Georgia Personal Training center. Our goal is to improve your core body strength. Then we focus on lower body strength exercise, coupled with lots of agility work. We have a number of highly specialized weight machines designed to increase the explosiveness of your muscles. This equipment, when used in connection with a holistic training program, has proven to build better athletes.

Football Speed