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    The game of football is an amazing sport. It is without a doubt, the most popular sport in the United States today. Most athletes who participate in the sport will tell you, there is simply no other sport that compares. The game is constantly evolving. Athletes who play football need to constantly improve, because all of the other athletes they are competing against are working hard to improve.

    Mission critical components of the sport are speed, strength, agility and overall athleticism. Trainers at Georgia Personal Training are extremely knowledgeable in how to develop these attributes in the players we work with. At GPT, we specialize in working with players of ages and ability levels. If you want to find success on the football field, you really must work hard to get faster, stronger, quicker and more athletic. It doesn’t matter whether you are participating in youth league, high school, college, or playing professional football, our training program can help you achieve your goals.

    The NFL scouting combine is one great example of how the game has evolved for football players. The combine puts college athletes in a position to demonstrate the skill set necessary to prove that they can successfully compete at the highest level of the game. Colleges have their own versions of the combine. They call them football camps. Colleges conduct these camps so that they can bring players in from all over the country. Players of all ages attend these camps. The motivation for the colleges is simple. They can provide a great platform for players of all ages to come in and see what it’s like to play football in a college setting. The coaches who give their time to help these student athletes are to be commended. There is nothing better than to be a youth or high school level player and to receive collegiate level coaching instruction, encouragement and support.

    Local area high schools, such as Roswell High School, Lassiter High School and Milton High School also conduct Summer camps and programs for youth football players. Anyone who has ever attended one of these Roswell area high football camps will tell you, it was one of the greatest things they did as a youth player. These camps provide players with the perfect setting to put their speed, strength and agility on display. There is nothing better than seeing how your skills compare to other athletes of the same age in your area. For the high school coaches, they get a chance to see how the young athletes who will one day be coming into their programs look. Nothing catches a coaches eye, more than overall athleticism.

    In the case of most sports, football players who are fast, strong, agile and athletic have a strategic advantage over other less talented players. Our trainers understand what it takes to compete. We create an atmosphere that is fun and deliver training that is personalized to the needs of each individual athlete.  Our job is to enhance each individual football players skills. We also spend time mentoring and motivating athletes to put in the time that it takes to achieve their football goals and dreams.

    Every scout, college or pro, is trying to identify the best athletes on the field each time they watch a game. They all use the traditional tools, like stop watches and player scorecards. They are all looking for the same basic thing. They want players with speed, power, strength and high motors. Let me tell you this, it’s impossible for a player to show up on the field and demonstrate a high motor if you don’t train your cardiovascular system to allow you to do so. If you want to continue finding success in playing football, you really do need to embrace the reality that to compete successfully, you need to get bigger, stronger and faster every year.

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