• Fitness Training For Special Needs Clients

    Woman with trainer at gym.Fitness Programs For Special Needs Clients

    Our team at Georgia Personal Training is dedicated to providing the best possible experience to every client we serve. There are times when we are challenged to deliver services to folks living with special needs. One example is the work we do with a number of residents of the Just People Independent living facility. We have worked with Just People Village here in Roswell, Georgia for a number of years. Our gym is literally right next door to their living facility. Just People offers comfortable and safe living accommodations for people with various handicaps and challenges.

    Our fitness trainers create highly individualized personal training programs for special needs clients. They will tell you that the workouts may appear really different from traditional personal training sessions, but, that special needs clients require a far more unique approach. They all come to us with special circumstances and each needs a program tailored to meet their unique needs. They all need and thrive on love, support and encouragement. Our trainers are experts at providing those things and the vast majority of the clients we have served at Just People have stuck with the program for long periods of time.

    Georgia Personal Training is located right next door to the Just People facility. We work closely with the staff at Just People Village, anytime we are working with one of their residents. The staff at Just People is really great. They coordinate with us in bringing the training clients over to the gym for their workouts. When the workouts are finished, the Just People staff coordinates getting the client back to their living quarters. Everything in the process is designed to make the training sessions a great experience for the customer.

    The vast majority of the folks we have worked with really do enjoy the workouts. They look forward to coming over to the gym and you can see their excitement grow when the workout starts. Our experience with these special needs folks has really been a great one. Working with them is a truly a humbling and moving experience. The exercises are difficult for them, but, yet they try so hard to do them. You know it’s working for them when you see them smile, laugh and give out hugs to the training staff and other gym members.


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