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    Matt 350This Go To Workout Makes A Difference For Me

    Do You Have A Favorite Workout? I sure do. Let me tell you about my favorite workout. Last week I was feeling particularly energetic. I decided to jump straight into one of my all time favorite workouts. I love a good combination boxing, kickboxing and MMA style workout. To get the maximum out of this workout, I generally try to use a workout buddy on this one. In order to get the full value from the activity, I need someone brave enough to hold the striking pads, while I punch and kick.

    In my case, I weigh just under 210 pounds. When I punch and/or kick I do generate some considerable power. It takes someone who knows how to work the hand pads in order for me to get the maximum value from this workout. In total, I try to work steady for about an hour.

    The workout starts with a series of stretches and some lite cardio. The idea is to get loose and to get my heart rate up a bit, before I jump into the harder parts of the workout. When stretching, I ensure to stretch my hamstrings, quads and definitely my lower back. This workout is packed with punching and kicking. Throwing techniques for almost an hour can really put a strain on your back and legs so really take time to get good and loose before you start.

    100_2260Once I have warmed up, I go right into some of my favorite punch combinations. I generally work my left jab, followed by straight right combo first. Usually I hammer with this combo for 2 three minute rounds. Once I have completed several rounds, I shift to a lead right, left jab and right hook combo. Thought being to work in one additional punch over the next 2 rounds. My last punch combo is a double jab, followed by a double right hook. First to the body, the second to the head. Followed by a last straight left to the head. I try to do 3 full rounds with this combo.

    By now I am really loose and sweating profusely. Thats great because it means I am burning calories! Now it’s time to turn up the jets a bit. For my next 3 rounds, I throw hand and feet combinations. My personal favorite is a left jab, right cross, followed by a right round kick to the body. These are thrown at about 75% power. Another great combination is a straight right cross, followed by a straight left and left leg round kick. I my case, my left leg round kick is a monster. I really have to remind my pad holder to ensure they are properly positioned to handle the left punch, shift to left kick combination. It happens quickly and the holder needs to fully understand the quick pad level adjustment that is required to handle this combination.

    Blue boxing glovesAt this point, I have about 10 rounds under my belt. Oh but I have only just begun to work. For my next two rounds I throw a left round kick body height, followed by a second left kick head level. Immediately I work my take down defense, dropping into a sprawl defense that involves going all the way into a push up position. One push up and I spring back up for another double left kick combo. Yeap, this goes on for 2 three minute rounds.

    Now we are finally ready for the warm down. My personal favorite way to warm down is to have the pad holder hold em head high for a quick left, then right combo, followed by dropping the pads down for a series of rapid upper cuts. I know I called this a warm down, but, at this point I am back to working at an aerobic pace so the punch combos are only being thrown at 50% power. I usually do a full 3 minute round with this combo. If I still have the energy, I repeat this series of punches, then add in a couple of knee strikes at the end of my upper cut sequence.

    Ok, now I am ready for an icy cold G2! By now even you have to be sweating just reading about this workout. Trust me when I tell you that it took me several years of hard work to get my fitness level up to the point that I can get through a training session like this. For me, I just feel the personal need to really push myself during any training workout I do. That style just fits me personally. I often do parts of this routine with my personal training clients. Sometimes I hold the pads for them and sometimes we shift over to the heavy bags and I do the workout right along beside them. Whatever it takes to have fun and to work our way towards more toned, athletic and physically fit bodies.

    Group BoxingThis workout is suitable for people of all ages. It can be done by both men and women and really makes for a way cool group class activity. Given we run three boot camps per week out of our gym, you will often find us doing pieces of this routine during our boot camp. Something about a boxing, kickboxing and MMA style workout that just gets everyone really into the activity. If you are working with one of our trainers, we will evaluate your fitness level before each session to determine how we adjust the workout routine to best fit your individual needs. If you attend a boot camp, our lead instructor will always remind all participants to work hard, but, to pace themselves if the difficulty factor of any portion of the session is too stressful for the participant. Remember, the idea of training and boot camps is to get in shape and to enjoy doing it.

    Looking for a workout routine and activity that is really exciting, fun and unique. We encourage you to stop by Georgia Personal Training Center. Everyone is welcome to come in and try a free personal training session with one of our trainers. It’s free!

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