• Why the Fall Season is a Good Time to Start Personal Training

    Brandi_Training session 2Now that fall is in full swing, it’s a good time to start thinking about personal training. Here’s why:

    Kids are in School

    Now that the kids have gone back to school, there may be a bit more free time on your schedule or at least periods where you don’t have to be at home keeping an eye on them. This gives you the freedom to do something for yourself. Since there are no vacations on the horizon and you are settling into a new pattern, it makes sense to add personal training into the mix.

    The Weather is Cooling Off

    Sometimes, it’s hard to feel motivated when it’s hot and humid outside. However, as the weather changes in fall to something more inviting, you may feel more motivated to get going on exercise. This change in the weather can be just what you need to jump-start a personal training program that starts to build your stamina to work toward handling exercise in hotter weather in the future.IMG_0369

    Temptations are Coming

    Personal trainers can help you form new habits and improve self-discipline as the holidays approach. There is Halloween candy, carb loading at Thanksgiving, and lots of temptations during the December holidays. A personal trainer can provide support and advice that can assist in powering through this period and staying on target with your goals.

    Not as Busy

    If you are a bit nervous about coming back to the gym, this is a good time of year to do so because it is not as busy. This gives you plenty of space and workout room to get comfortable with the idea of exercise and the gym environment. You’ll be able to build your confidence up in an encouraging environment. Matt Training 600 Wide

    No Connection to Resolutions

    Many find it necessary to start when the new year starts and feel the year is a wash during the last few months. However, that is just a mental thing that doesn’t necessarily work. Often, it’s been proven to have the opposite effect. Instead, you can trick your mind by starting at a point well before the beginning of a new year so you can be more in control of actually achieving your fitness goals.

    We’re Here and Ready to Get Started

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