• What to Expect from Your Personal Trainer

    Georgia Personal TrainingYou hire a personal trainer because you expect that they will get you the results you have been looking for whether that is losing weight or body fat, toning up your body, or conditioning your body for a specialized sport.

    However, you play a big role in making that happen because you most likely don’t work with your trainer every time you go to the gym and they don’t follow you home to watch what you eat all day and night.

    Functional Cross Training, Boot CampsThere are some key things you can expect from your personal trainer that will help you focus and achieve your specific goals:

    Expertise and Knowledge

    A personal trainer can show you what you are doing right and what you need to fix when using various machines or exercise equipment.

    They have undergone rigorous training to understand how to correctly use different exercises so that you don’t get hurt and you maximize the results every time you use anything in the gym. Their knowledge often extends to nutrition, wellness, and even specific sports, if they are offering sports-specific training and conditioning.

    Encouragement and Support

    Many people struggle to get going or even stay motivated on their own when they are exercising. That’s why a personal trainer can be that support system you need to keep going or get through a plateau in your results. Think of them as your biggest cheerleader and advocate.

    They know you can reach your goals so they are there to high-five you when you try something new or achieve a new personal best. It’s amazing how far just a little encouragement goes.


    They will hold you accountable to sticking to your goals and the plan that’s in place. A personal trainer has no problem calling you out if they think you are not putting the effort in or pushing yourself as far as you actually can go. You need that to keep raising the bar on what you need to do to hit those targets.Fitness Training, Roswell GeorgiaBoxing & MMA

    A Solid Plan

    When you go to the gym, you may wander around and not know what to use and how many reps you should do. However, a personal trainer will give you specific workouts to do with them and on your own so you begin to understand what and how to work each part of your body.

    If you are ready to check out what it’s like to have a personal trainer, come try our one-hour free session or our special program of three sessions for $99!

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