Wofford Baseball 2Travel Baseball Players Train at Georgia Personal Training Center

Speed, Strength and Agility Training

Georgia Personal Training center owner, Matt Lein, played travel baseball in the East Cobb baseball program. The first East Cobb travel team Matt tried out for was the 14 year old, East Cobb Astros. The Astro’s were coached that year by Danny Pralgo and Terry Belah. Both Danny and Terry played youth baseball together in East Cobb. Both also went on to play college baseball as well. Terry and Danny were back together again, coaching the Astro’s, along with a group of other college playing buddies.

Try-outs were ultra competitive. East Cobb travel baseball normally fields anywhere from 3 – 5 teams per age group. In this case, Danny and Terry were selecting players for their team from the entire program. In essence, they were only planning to take 15 players, comprised of only the very best 14 year old’s in the program. At the time Matt tried out, he had been working with a strength and conditioning coach for more than a year. Even though Matt was one of the shortest players to attend the try-out, he quickly caught the eye of the coaching staff. The quickness, agility and strength Matt displayed, coupled with his ability to field and hit, really made an impression. Matt not only made that team, he grabbed the starting second base job in the process.

Matt Wofford 1Matt loves to talk with younger players about his adventures in East Cobb and college baseball at Wofford and the University of South Carolina. It is really fun to watch their faces as he talks about the quest to win a world series championship with East Cobb. He always reminds them that he was literally one of smallest players in the program when he first started the journey. Matt is living proof that a young man can achieve his dream if he is willing to put in the work to make the dream a reality.

Matt has designed a strength, speed and agility program, specifically for travel baseball players. The program is intense and requires sessions that generally last 45 minutes to one and 1/2 hours in duration. The duration of the sessions really depends on the maturity level of the player being trained. We generally recommend shorter sessions for younger players and longer sessions for more advanced players. Baseball players who have participated in the training program have seen significant improvements in their speed, strength, balance and agility. Georgia Personal Training has a proven track record of delivering results for players who have participated in our program. The vast majority of our ball players have enjoyed successful high school careers and a number have gone on to sign college scholarship offers. Baseball players who train at GPT generally work directly with Matt.

Evan MooreThe best age to start training depends a lot on the maturity level of the player. Since every player is different, it’s generally best to bring your son by the facility so we can meet with him. We can put him through a Free complimentary session so that we can get know him and he can get to know us. During the initial session, we can assess their maturity level and physical capabilities. It is not unusual for players to start with us who are 13 – 14 years old. Most who start with us generally stick with it and train with us all the way through their high school years.

One great example is Evan Moore. He is currently the starting shortstop at Alpharetta High School. Evan first started training with Matt when he was approximately 13 years old. Even during his younger years, Evan was incredibly focused and disciplined. Evan has worked as hard as any player we have ever had in the training program. He played youth travel baseball in East Cobb. Evan also played for several other travel programs in the area. He has continued to train with Matt and has steadily gotten bigger, stronger, faster and more agile.