• Don’t Let the Holidays Keep You from Personal Training Sessions

    Retail Wall and Blackboard WallThe holidays are one of the busiest times of year for most of us. We may be having extra guests from out of town plus finishing up our work projects before taking time off.

    Not to mention, there are more errands and tasks to handle than most other parts of the year.

    When it seems like we have too much going on, we start looking for places to cut back so we can cut through all the stress.Brandi_Training session 2

    One place we immediately seem to pick is the gym and our personal training sessions. This means that are putting ourselves on the back burner, too, so we can still make everyone else happy.

    In reality, putting off our personal training sessions until after the start of the year can actually add to stress levels, which then can lead to poor choices like dealing with stress through unhealthy food and drink or just overeating.

    In reality, the exercise sessions that our personal trainers would have put us through could have helped knocked down that stress and assist in dealing with any of the drama or other emotions that seem to pop up at the holiday time.

    And, you can’t really say you don’t have time, especially when we offer a wide range of training session times. For example, our personal trainers can start at early as 6:00am and be here as late as 9:00pm. On Saturdays and Sundays, our training staff is here between 9:00am and 2:00pm.Matt Training 600 Wide

    We want to make sure that we are here for you to get you through this challenging part of the year and keep you motivated to kick off the New Year on track with meeting your fitness goals.

    Remember that we are flexible and here to serve you.Fitness Training, Roswell Georgia

    Call us today to find out how you can take advantage of our three sessions for $99 or get your personal training sessions scheduled so you can commit to what you want to change about yourself. Maybe you even just want to blow off a little holiday stress with a boxing session, cardio class, or even yoga!

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