• Building Personal Training Programs For Specific Needs

    Brandi_Training session 2Personal training programs should not be a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s because everyone has different goals. It’s not always about just dropping pounds. Some people want to get stronger while others may be undertaking some rehabilitation work. Then, there are others who are focused on training for a specific sport.

    Within those various reasons and objectives are also individuals who have different abilities, strengths and weaknesses, and temptations or struggles. All of those factors must also be considered for a personal training program.

    Generic Programs Designed For Failure

    Otherwise, if you just offer clients a generic personal training program, you are actually setting them up for failure. That’s because much of that program doesn’t address their goals and personal abilities. Then, when they don’t see any progress, these clients become discouraged. IMG_0458

    A generic program cannot address the certain skills you need to play a sport like football or baseball. Just running on a treadmill or lifting weights is not going to make you a better athlete. Instead, you need someone to help you run certain drills designed to address the skills you need to excel at a particular sport just like you would do in your practices.

    Also, it’s important to have a personal training program that takes into account previous or current injuries. Again, a generic personal training regimen would not account for those and may lead to further injury. However, a custom personal training program would include the right type of exercise to build up muscles and rehabilitate the body without leading to further damage.

    Customized Personal Training: How it Works

    Instead, it’s about breaking down every factor and understanding what each client needs and the strategy to get them there. Each of the success stories we have at our gym involved a very specific personal training program.

    We start out with every client doing a one-hour assessment. This includes taking measurements, discussing lifestyle habits, and reviewing goals for their fitness program. From there, we do some physical assessments to gauge flexibility, stamina, strength, balance and overall physical conditioning. Taking all this information, we then design a personal training program for that individual and review it with them.Functional Cross Training, Boot Camps

    While we determine how many days a week each client feels comfortable meeting with a personal trainer, we also give them “homework” to do on those days that they come to a gym so that they have a workout plan to go through on their own. Contact us today to start your custom personal training program.

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