• One Mission We Have Is To Build Better Soccer Players

    Soccer player with ball on field in a red dressGeorgia Personal Training Center Offers Speed, Strength, Agility & Endurance Training For Soccer Players

    The training staff at Georgia Personal Training center absolutely loves working with youth and high school age athletes. One group we have really driven a lot of success for is soccer players. We attribute that success to our comprehensive approach to dynamic stretching, core body training, lower body quick twitch work and to our overall approach to building athletes with explosiveness and better muscle endurance.

    Our dynamic stretching routines are particularly helpful to athletes who play endurance sports, like soccer. The main focus of our workouts are on helping our soccer players improve speed, strength, agility and endurance. It has been our experience that improving those attributes, helps soccer players of all ages to be more competitive. Our staff has experience in working with athletes of all ages. We train both male and female soccer players. Over the years, we have worked with players from Roswell High, Milton High and other local area high schools.

    The sport of soccer has become one of the most popular sports in youth athletics programs all over the country. Roswell is no different. The city of Roswell has produced some of the best collegiate soccer players in the country. Much of the credit for the rapid growth in popularity should be given to the youth programs and the organizations who support them. In Roswell, youth soccer is incredibly popular. The Roswell Recreation department has done a wonderful job of building new soccer fields and providing a vibrant, well organized youth program for kids from all parts of the city. Our lead trainer, Matt Lein, actually participated in the Roswell youth soccer program when he was younger.

    Portrait of teen girl soccer player on fieldGeorgia Personal Training center is a great place for Roswell and East Cobb area soccer players to train. We help our athletes increase their speed, improve agility and gain the strength needed to compete at the higher levels of the sport. Athletes in all sports are getting bigger, stronger and faster. Competition for spots on local high school teams and for college scholarship opportunities is increasing with each passing day. Players who want to succeed should take notice of what the best soccer players in the country are doing. The best in the world are working hard everyday to enhance the speed, strength and agility.

    Our trainers work with both male and female athletes. We train players in all age groups. People ask us all of the time, what age should my child begin to train. Our normal response is, there isn’t necessarily a perfect age to start. Some players mature faster than others. Some players are more mature at earlier ages. We have trained athletes as young as 12 – 13 years old. Those kids were very focused and really into the workouts. Starting at a younger age can really provide huge advantages to a young athlete with aspirations of playing in high school and beyond. The cumulative benefit from our soccer specific workouts can really help a player to elevate their game over time.

    Training sessions range from 30 minutes to 60 minutes in duration. It truly really depends on the age and maturity level of the athlete we are working with, in terms of which length session is best. We tend to start with shorter duration sessions, when we are working with a younger athlete. Session duration increases as the athlete becomes more comfortable with the exercises and drills required. We almost always recommend 60 minute sessions for players who are 14 years old or older. When a player reaches 14, they are generally only a year away from having to compete for a spot on their high school team. A year of training at Georgia Personnel Training center could make the difference for a player who is right on the border between potentially making the team or not.

    Matt Lein is the owner and lead trainer at Georgia Personal Training center. Matt played in the Roswell Recreation Department youth soccer program. Matt was one of the smallest players on the field. That did not deter him then and the challenges he faced as a youth player only served to strengthen his resolve to help others to find the same success that he was able to achieve. Matt first started working with speed, agility and strength trainers around the age of 13. If you ask him, he will tell you that he attributes much of the success he ultimately enjoyed in high school and college was due to the work he put in at the gym with his trainers. Matt worked with the best trainers in the city while growing up. He also had the opportunity to work with collegiate level trainers at Wofford College and at the University of South Carolina. He has taken the best of what he learned and created a program designed to deliver results for players of all ages and ability levels.


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