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    Matt Lein, played high school and youth baseball in the Roswell and Alpharetta area. He played his college ball at Wofford College. After completing a very successful baseball career, which included being named to the Collegiate All-American team, Matt came back home to Roswell and opened a 24 hour Anytime Fitness Center and a personal training facility called Georgia Personal Training. The two businesses are co-located at 9420 Willeo Road, Roswell, Georgia 30075. The gym and personal training center operate from suite 105 and 106.

    Matt began playing baseball at the age of 5. He actually turned his first double play in T-Ball. With a player at first and Matt playing second base, the batter hit a ground ball that Matt fielded. He tagged the runner headed to second and ran over to first to complete the double play. At that very moment, it was clear that Matt had a real knack for the game. He played infield from the time he started playing, until the day he wrapped up his playing career. During that time Matt dazzled in the field. He routinely flashed his really sweet glove skills. What set him apart from others was his level of fitness, plus his ability to bat from both sides of the plate.

    Matt Wofford 1Not only was Matt a switch hitter. He was switch hitter with home run power from both sides of the plates. That home run power was not always there. As a youth player, Matt was usually the smallest player on the team. He didn’t even start to grow much until his sophomore year in high school. Growing up, he was a line drive hitter. He could hit the ball into the gaps and run with the best players in the area. When Matt was 13 years old, we connected him to one of states premier baseball strength and conditioning trainers. Matt worked with Rocky Thorn until he was 18 years old. During that time, Matt’s baseball strength really began to develop. The first home runs I remember him hitting occurred during his sophomore year at Milton High School. He went from a doubles hitter to a power hitter over night. Seems like all that strength and conditioning training really began paying dividends that year.

    Wofford Baseball 5By the time Matt graduated from High School, he was a legitimate threat to go deep on pretty much any pitcher he faced. During his time at Wofford, he hit some of the longest home runs you have ever seen from a collegiate ballplayer. There is no doubt that the core body conditioning work that Matt did with Rocky really paid huge dividends as Matt continued to get older. Matt will tell you to this day that strength and conditioning for baseball players is much different than what you need for other sports. The one key similarity is core body and lower body conditioning.

    If you have a son playing youth baseball or a daughter playing competitive softball, I encourage you to connect with Matt. He is one of Atlanta’s premier strength and conditioning coaches. He can help your son or daughter improve their speed, agility, strength and ball playing skills. The thing I love most about Matt is his passion for helping young players to achieve their dreams. I remember him telling me when he was younger how he hated being small. He felt his size limited his opportunities on more than one occasion. It wasn’t until coaches actually saw him getting faster and stronger that he finally began to garner some respect as a ball player. Once he started hitting home runs, opportunities began to come out of the wood work. Without the commitment that he made to baseball skills training, the climb to college baseball would have been much steeper. Matt would tell you that his dedication to the training is precisely why he made it.

    Matt has taken the collective learnings from the work he did with Rocky Thorn, as well as from the strength and conditioning coaches at Wofford College and the University of South Carolina and developed his own baseball specific training program. Clients Matt has worked with have seen significant improvements in their speed, strength, agility and mental approach to the game. Matt works with players of all ages. If your son or daughter wants to be more competitive in baseball or softball, you really need to think about working with Matt. He can quickly assess their fitness abilities. From there he will develop a customized program that will help them to become significantly more competitive. Many of the players Matt has worked with have really been able to distinguish themselves within their peer groups. He will tell you that the speed, strength and agility workouts are designed to make every player better. He will also tell you that the more dedicated the athlete and parents are to skills training, the more the player and parents can expect to get from the program.

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