• Beyond Personal Training: What Else You Can Do to Meet Your Goals

    YogaWhile we love that you signed up for personal training, we want you to know that you could do even more than meet with us once or more per week. Think of your life now as being geared completely around fitness.

    That means taking advantage of the homework assignments are personal trainers dole out. That’s right, you have homework. We will provide you with workouts you can do here and at home on your own time when you don’t have an appointment with us. These workout homework assignments are tailored to your personal objectives for fitness.Zumba Dance Class

    In addition, you can find ways to work in cardio and movement each day regardless of whether you work in an office and sit all day. There are lots of ways to stay active on the job, including taking the stairs, parking farther away in the corporate parking lot or on your errands, doing quick exercises in your cubicle, and using your lunch and coffee breaks to do a quick walk.

    If you are looking for more variety for meeting your goals outside of our personal training sessions, you should also consider the various types of group classes we offer. It’s a positive and motivational way to keep going every day on your goals because it surrounds you with like-minded individuals that are on the same track as you toward fitness.

    Here are some of the additional ways to work on your fitness with our team when you are not at one of our personal training sessions:

    • Our functional cross training boot camps are an excellent way to work on your strength, speed, and stamina. The classes typically include 10-12 people who have varying levels of ability, which encourages anyone to join and try these out.Group Fitness Classes
    • Yoga is a good way to detoxify and relax. These one-hour classes help increase flexibility and core body strength.
    • Zumba is a fun way to build stamina through intense dance fitness training. It helps with weight loss and builds core body strength. Plus, you get some great music to motivate you to get through the one-hour class.Martial Arts Cardio-Vascular Training

    Another type of personal training you can consider is more intense. It involves boxing and MMA style workout sessions. Come ready for one of the most difficult workout sessions we offer. These individual training sessions vary between 30 and 60 minutes. You’ll see improvements in eye-hand coordination, agility, balance, and stamina.

    Contact us today to learn about these additional ways to get fit beyond our personal training sessions!

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