• The Benefits of a Personal Trainer

    Retail Wall and Blackboard WallMaybe you are still on the fence about whether or not to use a personal trainer for your fitness and health goals. Or, you might have heard that personal trainers offer sports training programs. To help you see why you should sign-up with our personal trainers, I’ve put together a list of benefits to convince you why it can help you:

    Educational Benefits

    We do more than just show you what to do. Any video can do that. Where personal trainers make the difference is that we educate you on how to exercise, what it does for you, and the other ways you can improve your health and well-being. That includes information throughout our personal training sessions that focus on nutrition, sleep, lifestyle choices, and work-life balance.

    The education also includes teaching our clients why certain exercises are more effective for certain goals than others. For example, if you want to build strength, doing just cardio is not going to allow you to accomplish that goal. Our education is also intended to make you self-sufficient and safe so you don’t get injured. Woman with trainer at gym.

    Proper Form for Maximum Results

    While there are mirrors everywhere in gyms it doesn’t mean you know if you have the right form down or your posture is correct. Whatever technique you think you are doing may not actually be working.

    With a personal trainer by your side, they can immediately see what you are doing right or wrong and then correct any issues. This will then lead you to gain the correct muscle memory for that exercise rather than continue doing it wrong and not getting the results you want.

    Individual Programs

    Videos and online workout programs were made for the general public. The problem is that everyone is unique in their abilities, requirements, and goals related to exercise. These general workout programs don’t account for old injuries that will require a special exercise to mental blocks that impact your workout. When I have clients that have had surgeries or injuries, I need to focus their individual program on regaining mobility and rebuilding muscle.

    When I have clients that have had surgeries or injuries, I need to focus their individual program on regaining mobility and rebuilding muscle. I can also help them know when they are ready to push themselves again after these situations. Man with weight training equipment on sport gym

    Everyone has different goals so I create programs for those who want to lose different amounts of weight or body fat while other personal training programs are designed for strength, endurance, flexibility or a combination of those.

    Athletic Training

    From helping you to train for a marathon to the skills enhancement training you need to improve your baseball, football, lacrosse or other sports techniques, a personal trainer can work with you specifically on athletic training programs designed for success.Roswell High School Lacrosse

    Unless you can hire your own coach, you won’t be able to get this type of assistance without joining a personal training program like ours.

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