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About Matt Lein

Matt Lein is the owner and head trainer of Georgia Personal Training Center. Matt is a multi-certified trainer with over 10 years of experience helping individuals from all walks of life achieve their health and fitness goals. Matt has spent nearly 20 years of his life completely immersed in the world of athletic performance training. As a child Matt’s dream was to play professional baseball. At the age of 12 he sought out the nation’s top baseball trainer and began a daily regimen of elite strength, speed, and agility training. His efforts paid off in a big way. In 1996, Matt was invited to play for the prestigious East Cobb Baseball program. He spent the next 5 summers as a starter for what was widely considered to be the best amateur baseball team in the country. During his high school tenure Matt was recruited by such top universities as Arizona State, Clemson, UGA, Vanderbilt, West Point, South Carolina, Wofford College, Furman, and Georgia Tech. He was also invited to several private workouts with Major League teams including the Seattle Mariners and Atlanta Braves.


Matt BB Hitting (1)After a highly successful college baseball career at Wofford College and the University of South Carolina, Matt’s took his vast knowledge and passion for training and entered the commercial fitness industry. Before opening his own gym in 2008, Matt worked as a general manager for one of the nation’s largest health club chains. He ran several different locations around Atlanta and was considered one of the top up and comers in the company’s management pipeline. During this time Matt also served as head of the personal training department at several key locations where he oversaw the training programs of hundreds of clients while also managing a very large and diverse staff of personal trainers. While his future was looking bright, Matt always had aspirations of going out on his own, and in 2008 he made that dream a reality by purchasing a popular fitness franchise and founding Georgia Personal Training.


Wofford Baseball 3Though he has proven to be a highly successful business owner, Matt has become primarily known for his expertise and proficiency as a personal trainer. This reputation undoubtedly stems from his unwavering devotion and dedication to his craft. The foundation of Matt’s training style is the principle of “muscle confusion”. Over time, the muscles adapt to any type of training or exercises if the same stress is continually applied in the same manner. The body is so efficient at doing this that eventually a repetitive workout regimen will become ineffective and results will no longer occur. Muscle Confusion is a training principle that seeks to avoid this adaptation by continually varying the exercises, weight, sets, reps, and types of resistance used. By following this principle, a client’s body will not adapt to the training and therefore results will be continuous. Matt has been known to spend weeks on end researching, experimenting, and designing innovative new training techniques and routines for his clients. By constantly evolving and reinventing his training methods, Matt is able to provide clients with a never ending variety of new workouts, new challenges, and consistent results.


Wofford Baseball 2Matt specializes in many types of physical training, specifically, athletic performance training, functional cross training, fat loss and weight management, and body sculpting. Since the founding of GPT, Matt has been sought out by competitive athletes from many different sports including baseball, MMA, boxing, football, lacrosse, swimming, competitive body building, and gymnastics. His services have also been utilized by law enforcement, military Special Forces operators, local celebrities, adults and children with special needs, and clients suffering from debilitating conditions like muscular dystrophy, cancer, osteoporosis, and diabetes. Matt prides himself on being able to help anyone that walks through the door, no matter where you come from or what your situation is, the GPT team will get you the results.


Matt 350Baseball Accolades

1996 – 2000 East Cobb Astros starter

2001 – Member of CABA National Champions, East Cobb Tigers

2001 – CABA All-Tournament Team selection

2001 – East Cobb Baseball 18u Most Valuable Player

2002 – Wofford College Most Valuable Player

2002 – 2 x Southern Conference Player of the Week

2002 – Southern Conference Freshman of the Year

2002 – SOCON All Conference Team selection (3b)

2002 – Collegiate Baseball Magazine 1st Team All-American (division 1)

2002 – Tied Wofford College single season hit record

2002 – Set Wofford College single season division 1 batting average record (.397)

2002 – Set Wofford College single season division 1 RBI record (55)


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