• Add Personal Training to Action List for New Year’s Resolutions

    Woman with trainer at gym.While everyone tends to make some type of New Year’s resolution with weight loss and fitness being a common goal, not everyone sticks to it. That might be because they don’t make an action list that provides a plan for how they will address each New Year’s resolution to make sure they fulfill it rather than just give up after a week or two.

    In making an action list for weight loss and fitness, it makes sense to have gym or fitness center on there. However, taking it one step further to make sure you actually do get there is to make hiring a personal trainer as an action item. In fact, it’s a good idea to head down to the gym immediately and sign up for at least one or more sessions with a personal trainer.iStock_000014046431Large

    This is because you will then be committed to keep coming back because there is someone there that you are obligated to meet and keep your appointment. From there, they can give you a longer term plan for reaching your fitness goals that you can see as a real effective way to stick with it.

    Having this set schedule, list of exercises and workout plans to do with the trainer and on your own, and a real person there to cheer you on and encourage you to come back even when you feel so sore or worn out also provides an additional way to keep to this New Year’s resolution.

    And, they say all it takes is 21 days for a new habit to be born so just a few personal training sessions will help you cement the need and desire to workout in your mind and muscle memory to get you to keep coming back to the gym for more.Boxing & MMA Personal Training

    Plus, we always have a flurry of activity where many people want to sign up for our gym and personal training right at the start of the year. That’s why we also offer some specials like three personal training sessions for $99 to get you to see what it’s like not to mention are always offered one free session so you can try it out and understand why it would be so beneficial for keeping your New Year’s resolutions.Boxing & MMA

    Contact us today to learn more about what is included in our personal training sessions and how our fitness trainers can help you see all your fitness goals through to achievement! We have numerous success stories of others just like you who had personal trainers to help them reach their goals.

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