• 5 Reasons to Incorporate Personal Training in Your Normal Workout Routine

    Personal trainingIt’s great that you may already have a normal workout routine. It shows you take your fitness seriously and are incorporating it as part of your lifestyle. However, there are many reasons why you should insert personal training into this workout routine. Here are five reasons to consider:

    1. You Hit a Plateau

    At some point in your workouts, you are going to notice that the results have slowed down. You can’t shift the weight or see any changes. That means you’ve hit a plateau. This where you could really use a personal trainer. They know how to break you out of that cycle and start you at the next level so you’ll be back to experiencing results again.

    2. You Aren’t Sure How to Use Some Equipment

    We regularly add new equipment and workout tools at our gym. You may see these and wonder what they do but are not sure how they work. That’s where it helps to call in a personal trainer who can show you the right way to use them and suggest the number of reps you should be doing. A personal trainer can also suggest if it’s even for you or maybe there is something else in the gym that would be better for your personal goals.Georgia Personal Training

    3. You Have New Goals to Achieve

    Although your normal workout has achieved certain results, you may now have new goals to work towards. This is where you need a new plan of attack on how best to maximize the effort you spend at the gym in order to achieve those new goals. The previous machines, tools, and repetitions may not serve you well when you are now trying to focus on strength or train for a marathon. Maybe you have started playing a new sport in high school and need to change out how to train for that. This is where personal trainers can deliver a plan and advice customized to you.IMG_0369

    4. You Need Advice Beyond Just Gym Equipment

    Many personal trainers also provide other types of advice related to diet and nutrition, sleeping, and lifestyle changes that you would not get simply by doing your normal workout routine. This type of consulting can help you make further strides and build better habits that you might not do on your own. Most importantly, personal trainers are there to listen, encourage, and inspire you toward a better you.

    5. You Want to Accelerate Your Results

    With regular workouts, you will eventually get to where you want to be. However, with that wedding coming up or some other important event where you want to be in the best shape possible, it would help to speed your workout results. While a personal trainer would never suggest anything that would be harmful or unsafe, their more disciplined approach and knowledge of maximum workout structures can help get you where you want to be at a much faster rate. That alone could be worth adding this extra assistance.

    Call us today to learn more about what we can do for you. Remember we have a free one-hour session as well as specials like three personal¬†sessions for $99. There’s no excuse not to give personal training a try!

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