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    We live in an extremely complex world. People face lots of pressures and challenges each day. Great jobs can be difficult to find. People who have one must work hard to keep them. People who haven’t been as fortunate find themselves working several jobs to make ends meet. Employers face ever increasing competition. To stay competitive, they continually ask more and more from the people they employ. Families with children find themselves going in multiple directions during the week. Their days driven by the need to ensure their children are able to participate in their favorite activities. Single parent households find themselves under even more pressure. Any of this sound familiar?

    Unfortunately too many of us find ourselves buried in challenges. Far too often, we cave to the pressures and make wrong choices as to our personal needs. Instead of paying attention to our health, we ignore the need to workout. Instead of focusing on a healthy diet, we eat the quick and convenient foods. How often do you stand on the scales and tell yourself, I have to loose weight! I am going to start eating right and get back to working out! That my friends is a recurring scene played out in households all over Roswell, Georgia.

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    Anytime 24 Hour Fitness Center In Roswell

    Are you finally ready to start loosing weight? Do you want to regain your physical fitness and tone your body back up? If you have made the decision to take back control over your life, then we encourage you to check out our 24 hour fitness center.

    100_3071In 2008, Brandi and I opened our Anytime 24 hour fitness center. Our gym is located in the Garrison Hills Village Shopping Center at 9420 Willeo Road, Roswell, Georgia 30075. We choose this location for a number of reasons. First, it positioned our gym in a place that would be convenient for people living in both Roswell and Marietta. Second, the gym is located right down the street from the Chattahoochee river park. This allows our members to workout, then enjoy a wonderful walk or jog along the beautiful Roswell River Park trail system that runs adjacent to the Chattahoochee River. Finally, the gym is open to members 24 hours a day and needed to be located in a part of the city that offered safety and security.

    Brandi and I have made the commitment to spend our lives helping others. Both of us grew up fitness minded people. The gym seemed to be the perfect way for us to make a living, while helping people to improve their health, loose weight, achieve fitness goals and stave off potential health related problems. After six years in business, we can definitely see real life examples of where we have made a difference for those we serve. If you have time, check out some of the success stories that we have documented.

    Georgia Personal Training, Roswell GeorgiaWe saw a real need for a 24 hour facility. From our perspective, it was very clear that people who live or work in the Roswell and Marietta area, tend to lead extremely busy lives. They need a facility that enables them to workout whenever their schedules allow. Our goal was to create a gym that would exceed their expectations. To that end, we purchased the absolute best equipment available in the industry. We added hi-tech strength equipment, top of the line cardio equipment and highly specialized gear for personal training. We secured additional floor space from our landlord that allowed us even more room to conduct group fitness classes, boot camps and personal training. Next, we developed class schedules that fit the needs of our busy customers.

    Our boot camps are scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday nights, from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. We also conduct another boot camp on Saturday morning, beginning around 10 am. We offer multiple Yoga and Zumba classes each week. Personal Training is available 7 days a week and those sessions are individually scheduled with each client. We make every effort to work around the busy schedules that our clients have.


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